The Slaves of Mithet Poiriel

Arrival in Kenbury

After arriving in Kenbury we finally return our purchased slave girl Ronda. Her father the Mayor of Kenbury was so thankful that he threw a two week festival in our honor. After we had our fill of the festivities we decide to leave. Rumors we heard about over the two week period included:
  • Cave
  • Haunted Ruin east of the Nolas River
  • Mocking Birds being dicks(attacking people/animals and acting strange)
  • The People of Ishtamesh do not walk the earth because they come from floating cities

Since we were in such close proximity to the cave outside of Kenbury Woods we went there first. After a day’s journey we arrived to find a very undisturbed cave, no wildlife or tracks were were near the cave. Upon entering the cave we traveled through a lone corridor and at the end found a lone room. The room was not very large and had no passageways leading off of it. Along the back of the wall from the tunnel entrance the ground turned into paved stones with small ancient looking alter against the wall. On the paved stones we found a foreign symbol that one of our party was able to recognize. It was an ancient and unused symbol of Kord. Behind the alter we found some animal bones and decided that we were going to make a sacrifice to Kord. Percy and Vicroar informed us that to make a proper sacrifice to Kord we needed a sacrificial blade blessed by a priest of Kord. We traveled back to Kenbury and spoke we the town priest to try to procure a proper blade. He informed us that there were no Kord priests in town but the Temple of Might, one of the main Kord Temples, was to the southwest of Kenbury. Unfortunately the Temple of Might was many days if not weeks away. He said that a lone Priest of Kord was only about a days journey away to the northeast of town, he was building a monument.

We Travel to the priest and pass a ghost town on the way. It wasn’t ruins but just an abandoned town. We decided to bypass the ghost town and just continued on to the priest. We arrived at the construction site and found the priest we were informed about. When we asked how we could procure a sacrificial blade he gave us his own. The party inquired what he was doing building a monument here to Kord. The priest told us that the Cleric of Artanthos was buried here instead of where the Temple of Might stands. Which is the reason that the Kord followers built the Temple of Might where it is. The party also asked what would make a proper sacrifice to Kord and the Priest said a bull, and gave us one of his stock. Burgus became an initiate of Kord and after passing his dedication rites we left. We traveled back to the cave and performed the sacrifice. As the blood trickled down the altar and onto the floor, the ancient symbol of Kord began to pulse red with light. Burgus prayed and asked for symbol of faith to wear, Percy prayed for permission to enter the burial site of Artanthos. The only response was a throaty laugh.

In a flash of light from the symbol the party no longer stood in the cave with the sacrificed bull and altar. We still stood upon the same pulsing symbol but before us laid a series of buildings glowing with divine light. Beyond and and around the buildings was just inescapable darkness. We entered the first series of buildings. Two angels manifested from statues and warned that this was a test of Kord to enter the burial site of Artanthos. They attacked and were brought down fairly quickly. We were given a gem encrusted chalice. The next room we found an asphalt dragon chained to the center of the room. After a long combat we took him down. In the final room the spirit of Artanthos himself fought us. He explained that if we were to defeat him, he would be able to be released to the halls of the dead. If we were to lose, Kord would turn his face from us. One vs one duels, not to the death, were how we were to fight him. Burgus asked Artanthos how he could properly worship Kord. Artanthos responded that if he truly wanted to serve Kord he would seek out the Coat of Arnd. Burgus went down before he could raise his axe, and the rest of party followed shortly.

After we were defeated by the spirit of Artanthos we were transported back to the cave, but the the bull, alter and symbol had all disappeared. We left the cave and went back to Kenbury. We still retained the chalice and the body parts from the dragon we killed.


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