The Slaves of Mithet Poiriel

After the Fall from Kord

Burgess goes on a sabbatical

After our failings at the test from Kord in the cave near Kenbury, we go back to town and rest for about a week. Burgess upset after falling from the grace of Kord goes on a sabbatical to find how to restore his standing with Kord. During our time back in town Percy hired sages to research about the plague that is effecting Irios. At the end of our time resting the sages approached the party and informed us that a former lord of Irios was a devotee of The Raven Queen and that under the keep there were ancient alters to The Raven Queen. Since we knew from the vision of the priestess of Irios that there was some affront to The Raven Queen which started the plague we concluded that if we could purge what ever caused the sacrilege that the town might be saved. The sages also worked with the church to have 5 scrolls of cure disease made for us if we provided an offering to the church. Everyone did so except for Drinyryl, he has faith that his Goddess would protect him from harm.

We set out the next day and on our way to the main highway between Kenbury and Irios we passed a merchant at the intersection. As we turned onto the highway, a column of fire struck the mountains far to the north a bit east of where Mithet Poiriel was in the mountains.

Upon approaching Irios, after three days of travel, we could tell that the situation had far exceeded efforts of the clerics and town guards. The healers camp where the terminally ill were being cared for before the passed and burned when they did was deserted. The camp had been looted, some plague victims laid where they fell, tents were trampled and not a single cleric, healer or aid was to be found. Irios itself was in shambles. The Great gate that was bared and guarded when we came through on our way south was open and no guards were to be found. The town was on fire, and shouting and fighting could be heard everywhere. We made our way through the town towards the keep with out running into anyone. While checking the barracks we heard voices coming from the main courtyard of the keep. We peeked from the doorway to see a group of nine peasants who were armed with absconded weapons and armor. We approached them to inquire to what happened to the town. We were successful to not cause alarm in the peasants and they told us what they knew freely.

They said that a couple of days prior a person they had not seen before started to incite a riot. Claiming that Lord Blen was keeping the majority of the towns resources for himself and his guards and not distributing them to the public. The mob attacked the keep, overwhelming the guards and breaking all defenses and effectively ruining any kind of quarantine of the plague. The fighting that is going on now, is mostly peasants fighting amongst themselves for what ever supplies they were able to get. Vicroar and Percy binded up the wounds on the five peasants were infected with the plague and asked them to stay at the gate of the keep to keep anyone from following them inside the keep. The party then convinced the four that were still healthy to accompany them into the keep since they knew the way around.

We entered into the keep and went directly down below the used portion of the castle. We found several doorways with blast marks, tell us that when this place was stormed it was from an outside source. We also found dead bodies that appeared to have died of old age with the same kind of blast marks on them. Since we knew what we sought had been closed off for a long time. We directly circumvented the used portion of the underground facilities and found the entrance to the ancient portion of the of the castle. We came across a devil that was bound to a circle in one of the rooms. Tatullus after a long mental debate with the devil entered into an agreement for the devils freedom if he gave us 500 gold pieces and information about what we were seeking. The devil did give us the gold but it was poisoned. Tatullus not specifying at what point he would release the devil left him there saying he would return at some point. At one point we came upon a magic rune on the floor. We repaired the arcane markings and Vicroar offered to step inside the circle of magic. Ashar was able to tell that the runes were to effect intelligence and as soon Vicroar entered it he left it and scuffed the markings we repaired, saying that it negatively effected him. After fight a multitude of monsters we decided to rest inside of the castle’s depths. The townspeople that had come with us, decided at that point to return to the surface to help defend their families and homes.


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