The Slaves of Mithet Poiriel

A Pursuit for a Cure

A town and a Man in pieces.

After resting overnight in the depth of the castle the party set out again. After several more encounters with various monsters the party was able to clear out the section of the underground that they were in. We found two onyx statues with silver crowns of The Raven Queen. After assurance that they were not blessed in anyway, we took the statues.

We found ourselves back in the same room from the previous day that two more directions we could go. Having already gone to the left we went straight. After entering the hallway it closed in on us and left us no escape besides a single door. After going in the door we found ourselves fighting a basilisk. Unfortunately Drinyryl was caught by the gaze of the basilisk and was turned to stone.

After the encounter instead of leaving Drinyryl in the dungeon unaccompanied, we decided to take him with us since we had no way to turn back from stone. We broke up his statue so we could carry him out, we all carry a piece of our friend with us. Vicroar and Percy assure that we can make him whole again once we are able to find someone to turn him back from stone. We did find a basilisk egg inside of Drinyryl when we broke him apart. It would be unimaginable what might have happened if we cured him with the egg still inside of him.

Following the encounter with the basilisk we came upon our next clue to what happened in the depths below Irios. After fighting a horde of zombies we found a room with several tombs in it. All but one was smashed and broken. Zombie body parts laid cut apart across the whole room. A lone tomb that looked completely unscathed was left open and had nothing inside it. The door leading out of this room was a doorway we had passed before and there was scorch marks like we had seen before on the outside of the door. What ever that had caused the damage at the entrance of this place came here. Vicroar was able to tell us that the the tomb that was unscathed was a tomb for a high priest of The Raven Queen. Whether this high priest was the ancient Lord of Irios or not remains to be seen.


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A Pursuit for a Cure

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A Pursuit for a Cure

Got you covered.

A Pursuit for a Cure

More songs for the Drinyryl soundtrack:

Britney Spears – Piece of Me Weezer – Put Me Back Together Sum 41 – Pieces Electric Light Orchestra – Turn to Stone Linkin Park – In Pieces Amel Larrieux – Make Me Whole James Morrison – The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore

A Pursuit for a Cure

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A Pursuit for a Cure

Btw we determined that while we should do hilarious things with his body parts, we should never tell him about being broken up into stone. As far as he knows, we simply transported him from the dungeon and had a cleric cast Stone to Flesh or Remove Affliction on him. In fact, we should cast make whole before we take him to the cleric so he can’t rat us out. Also any characters Dane plays until then should be indoctrinated such that they wouldn’t betray us either. If all else fails we can fall back on the egg-killing-him-from-the-inside-reason. If he finds out it is just a countdown until he garrotes us all.

A Pursuit for a Cure
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