The Slaves of Mithet Poiriel

We Move Out from Irios

After staying in the keep of Irios for several weeks several more adventurers came to stay in the keep. All of them under the Lord Blinns request. The elf known as Drinyryl that I’ve seen in my dreams since I awoke says that all of them have traveled with him since Mithit Poirial. They are responsible for restoring what the Wyte has done to Irios.

I remember my family last night, all I can remember is disgust from the drearyness of my former life. I did not remember where we actually lived, so I didn’t leave the keep.

They came to a council of sort to decide what they were going to go from Irios now that it is on the rebound. One of their former companions named Vicroar had decided to stay in Irios to help restore Lord Blinn from his injuries. The council of adventures decided to head out to the town of Kenbury to investigate a rumor about a building that no one returns from.

We left doubled up on our horses due to the lack of transportation left in Irios. We found sufficient transportation in Agitos. We then left for Kenbury. We arrived in the evening of the same day. Upon arrival the party went to once was a library, that was inhabitited by monks and sages, that the party had left a important item with. It was just a smoldering ruins when we arrived. They immediantly tried to sought out the mayor of the town. Somebody they did a favor for.

The mayor is unsure of what transpired at the library. Unsure of what happened the party stayed overnight in town. The next morning we went to investigate what might have happened at the library. We found that the fire that devastated the library, appears to be have been set deliberately. A witness to the incident, told us that the they heard that a dark rider rode upon a stead with hooves of fire. The party noted that while it was a travesty, there is nothing to do about it. They tell me that this dark rider’s master is someone we will have to deal with eventually. They have to find a weakness to combat him.

We left the next day towards where they originally decided to go. A building that no one returns from. We skirted an abandoned town with signs that said to keep out. We traveled several more miles past the town to the northwest of Kenbury.

We stopped in a little a hamlet on our way to the building. We heard about Vwa Araon a lizard or dragon that may be inhabiting the building we seek. After several more miles, we separated to find landmarks we heard about near this building.

We found the ravine the building is built into. We left the horses with the genasi’s guide. We pried open the doorway that we found in the rock face. A thick layer of dust covered everything. It obvious that no one has been in this area for a long time.

In a room filled with old booby-trapped sacks. A ghost of a man wearing a bear cloak. We sent the ghost back to rest. In the next room we found several dead bodies. We found a room with a tattered bear cloak and a armoire with a box with several stones in it. We also encountered a fire entity that came out of a vial.

A Pursuit for a Cure
A town and a Man in pieces.

After resting overnight in the depth of the castle the party set out again. After several more encounters with various monsters the party was able to clear out the section of the underground that they were in. We found two onyx statues with silver crowns of The Raven Queen. After assurance that they were not blessed in anyway, we took the statues.

We found ourselves back in the same room from the previous day that two more directions we could go. Having already gone to the left we went straight. After entering the hallway it closed in on us and left us no escape besides a single door. After going in the door we found ourselves fighting a basilisk. Unfortunately Drinyryl was caught by the gaze of the basilisk and was turned to stone.

After the encounter instead of leaving Drinyryl in the dungeon unaccompanied, we decided to take him with us since we had no way to turn back from stone. We broke up his statue so we could carry him out, we all carry a piece of our friend with us. Vicroar and Percy assure that we can make him whole again once we are able to find someone to turn him back from stone. We did find a basilisk egg inside of Drinyryl when we broke him apart. It would be unimaginable what might have happened if we cured him with the egg still inside of him.

Following the encounter with the basilisk we came upon our next clue to what happened in the depths below Irios. After fighting a horde of zombies we found a room with several tombs in it. All but one was smashed and broken. Zombie body parts laid cut apart across the whole room. A lone tomb that looked completely unscathed was left open and had nothing inside it. The door leading out of this room was a doorway we had passed before and there was scorch marks like we had seen before on the outside of the door. What ever that had caused the damage at the entrance of this place came here. Vicroar was able to tell us that the the tomb that was unscathed was a tomb for a high priest of The Raven Queen. Whether this high priest was the ancient Lord of Irios or not remains to be seen.

After the Fall from Kord
Burgess goes on a sabbatical

After our failings at the test from Kord in the cave near Kenbury, we go back to town and rest for about a week. Burgess upset after falling from the grace of Kord goes on a sabbatical to find how to restore his standing with Kord. During our time back in town Percy hired sages to research about the plague that is effecting Irios. At the end of our time resting the sages approached the party and informed us that a former lord of Irios was a devotee of The Raven Queen and that under the keep there were ancient alters to The Raven Queen. Since we knew from the vision of the priestess of Irios that there was some affront to The Raven Queen which started the plague we concluded that if we could purge what ever caused the sacrilege that the town might be saved. The sages also worked with the church to have 5 scrolls of cure disease made for us if we provided an offering to the church. Everyone did so except for Drinyryl, he has faith that his Goddess would protect him from harm.

We set out the next day and on our way to the main highway between Kenbury and Irios we passed a merchant at the intersection. As we turned onto the highway, a column of fire struck the mountains far to the north a bit east of where Mithet Poiriel was in the mountains.

Upon approaching Irios, after three days of travel, we could tell that the situation had far exceeded efforts of the clerics and town guards. The healers camp where the terminally ill were being cared for before the passed and burned when they did was deserted. The camp had been looted, some plague victims laid where they fell, tents were trampled and not a single cleric, healer or aid was to be found. Irios itself was in shambles. The Great gate that was bared and guarded when we came through on our way south was open and no guards were to be found. The town was on fire, and shouting and fighting could be heard everywhere. We made our way through the town towards the keep with out running into anyone. While checking the barracks we heard voices coming from the main courtyard of the keep. We peeked from the doorway to see a group of nine peasants who were armed with absconded weapons and armor. We approached them to inquire to what happened to the town. We were successful to not cause alarm in the peasants and they told us what they knew freely.

They said that a couple of days prior a person they had not seen before started to incite a riot. Claiming that Lord Blen was keeping the majority of the towns resources for himself and his guards and not distributing them to the public. The mob attacked the keep, overwhelming the guards and breaking all defenses and effectively ruining any kind of quarantine of the plague. The fighting that is going on now, is mostly peasants fighting amongst themselves for what ever supplies they were able to get. Vicroar and Percy binded up the wounds on the five peasants were infected with the plague and asked them to stay at the gate of the keep to keep anyone from following them inside the keep. The party then convinced the four that were still healthy to accompany them into the keep since they knew the way around.

We entered into the keep and went directly down below the used portion of the castle. We found several doorways with blast marks, tell us that when this place was stormed it was from an outside source. We also found dead bodies that appeared to have died of old age with the same kind of blast marks on them. Since we knew what we sought had been closed off for a long time. We directly circumvented the used portion of the underground facilities and found the entrance to the ancient portion of the of the castle. We came across a devil that was bound to a circle in one of the rooms. Tatullus after a long mental debate with the devil entered into an agreement for the devils freedom if he gave us 500 gold pieces and information about what we were seeking. The devil did give us the gold but it was poisoned. Tatullus not specifying at what point he would release the devil left him there saying he would return at some point. At one point we came upon a magic rune on the floor. We repaired the arcane markings and Vicroar offered to step inside the circle of magic. Ashar was able to tell that the runes were to effect intelligence and as soon Vicroar entered it he left it and scuffed the markings we repaired, saying that it negatively effected him. After fight a multitude of monsters we decided to rest inside of the castle’s depths. The townspeople that had come with us, decided at that point to return to the surface to help defend their families and homes.

Arrival in Kenbury
After arriving in Kenbury we finally return our purchased slave girl Ronda. Her father the Mayor of Kenbury was so thankful that he threw a two week festival in our honor. After we had our fill of the festivities we decide to leave. Rumors we heard about over the two week period included:
  • Cave
  • Haunted Ruin east of the Nolas River
  • Mocking Birds being dicks(attacking people/animals and acting strange)
  • The People of Ishtamesh do not walk the earth because they come from floating cities

Since we were in such close proximity to the cave outside of Kenbury Woods we went there first. After a day’s journey we arrived to find a very undisturbed cave, no wildlife or tracks were were near the cave. Upon entering the cave we traveled through a lone corridor and at the end found a lone room. The room was not very large and had no passageways leading off of it. Along the back of the wall from the tunnel entrance the ground turned into paved stones with small ancient looking alter against the wall. On the paved stones we found a foreign symbol that one of our party was able to recognize. It was an ancient and unused symbol of Kord. Behind the alter we found some animal bones and decided that we were going to make a sacrifice to Kord. Percy and Vicroar informed us that to make a proper sacrifice to Kord we needed a sacrificial blade blessed by a priest of Kord. We traveled back to Kenbury and spoke we the town priest to try to procure a proper blade. He informed us that there were no Kord priests in town but the Temple of Might, one of the main Kord Temples, was to the southwest of Kenbury. Unfortunately the Temple of Might was many days if not weeks away. He said that a lone Priest of Kord was only about a days journey away to the northeast of town, he was building a monument.

We Travel to the priest and pass a ghost town on the way. It wasn’t ruins but just an abandoned town. We decided to bypass the ghost town and just continued on to the priest. We arrived at the construction site and found the priest we were informed about. When we asked how we could procure a sacrificial blade he gave us his own. The party inquired what he was doing building a monument here to Kord. The priest told us that the Cleric of Artanthos was buried here instead of where the Temple of Might stands. Which is the reason that the Kord followers built the Temple of Might where it is. The party also asked what would make a proper sacrifice to Kord and the Priest said a bull, and gave us one of his stock. Burgus became an initiate of Kord and after passing his dedication rites we left. We traveled back to the cave and performed the sacrifice. As the blood trickled down the altar and onto the floor, the ancient symbol of Kord began to pulse red with light. Burgus prayed and asked for symbol of faith to wear, Percy prayed for permission to enter the burial site of Artanthos. The only response was a throaty laugh.

In a flash of light from the symbol the party no longer stood in the cave with the sacrificed bull and altar. We still stood upon the same pulsing symbol but before us laid a series of buildings glowing with divine light. Beyond and and around the buildings was just inescapable darkness. We entered the first series of buildings. Two angels manifested from statues and warned that this was a test of Kord to enter the burial site of Artanthos. They attacked and were brought down fairly quickly. We were given a gem encrusted chalice. The next room we found an asphalt dragon chained to the center of the room. After a long combat we took him down. In the final room the spirit of Artanthos himself fought us. He explained that if we were to defeat him, he would be able to be released to the halls of the dead. If we were to lose, Kord would turn his face from us. One vs one duels, not to the death, were how we were to fight him. Burgus asked Artanthos how he could properly worship Kord. Artanthos responded that if he truly wanted to serve Kord he would seek out the Coat of Arnd. Burgus went down before he could raise his axe, and the rest of party followed shortly.

After we were defeated by the spirit of Artanthos we were transported back to the cave, but the the bull, alter and symbol had all disappeared. We left the cave and went back to Kenbury. We still retained the chalice and the body parts from the dragon we killed.


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