The Slaves of Mithet Poiriel

We Move Out from Irios

After staying in the keep of Irios for several weeks several more adventurers came to stay in the keep. All of them under the Lord Blinns request. The elf known as Drinyryl that I’ve seen in my dreams since I awoke says that all of them have traveled with him since Mithit Poirial. They are responsible for restoring what the Wyte has done to Irios.

I remember my family last night, all I can remember is disgust from the drearyness of my former life. I did not remember where we actually lived, so I didn’t leave the keep.

They came to a council of sort to decide what they were going to go from Irios now that it is on the rebound. One of their former companions named Vicroar had decided to stay in Irios to help restore Lord Blinn from his injuries. The council of adventures decided to head out to the town of Kenbury to investigate a rumor about a building that no one returns from.

We left doubled up on our horses due to the lack of transportation left in Irios. We found sufficient transportation in Agitos. We then left for Kenbury. We arrived in the evening of the same day. Upon arrival the party went to once was a library, that was inhabitited by monks and sages, that the party had left a important item with. It was just a smoldering ruins when we arrived. They immediantly tried to sought out the mayor of the town. Somebody they did a favor for.

The mayor is unsure of what transpired at the library. Unsure of what happened the party stayed overnight in town. The next morning we went to investigate what might have happened at the library. We found that the fire that devastated the library, appears to be have been set deliberately. A witness to the incident, told us that the they heard that a dark rider rode upon a stead with hooves of fire. The party noted that while it was a travesty, there is nothing to do about it. They tell me that this dark rider’s master is someone we will have to deal with eventually. They have to find a weakness to combat him.

We left the next day towards where they originally decided to go. A building that no one returns from. We skirted an abandoned town with signs that said to keep out. We traveled several more miles past the town to the northwest of Kenbury.

We stopped in a little a hamlet on our way to the building. We heard about Vwa Araon a lizard or dragon that may be inhabiting the building we seek. After several more miles, we separated to find landmarks we heard about near this building.

We found the ravine the building is built into. We left the horses with the genasi’s guide. We pried open the doorway that we found in the rock face. A thick layer of dust covered everything. It obvious that no one has been in this area for a long time.

In a room filled with old booby-trapped sacks. A ghost of a man wearing a bear cloak. We sent the ghost back to rest. In the next room we found several dead bodies. We found a room with a tattered bear cloak and a armoire with a box with several stones in it. We also encountered a fire entity that came out of a vial.


numinophile thegreenmonkey

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